What You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Using Prescription Drugs

What You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Using Prescription Drugs

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Knowing about your healthcare is very important. Many people might do as their doctor says and take medications without fully understanding them. Lots of medications have risks and side effects that you should know about. Too many people fail to ask the right questions.

You need to be proactive in your own healthcare. This means fully understanding your own disease or sickness and the medications you take. Your doctor prescribes you drugs because they think you need them, but you need to also understand them.

Having a personal investment and understanding in your own healthcare can actually help you and your doctor.

When a doctor gives you a new prescription that is the time to ask questions. You don’t need to interrogate them or think you know better. But it is important to make sure you understand at least the basics of what is going on.

This can help you learn what is happening with your body and what to expect or look out for when you start a new medication.

Some Questions You Should Consider Before Starting A New Prescription

No one should ever just smile and follow a doctor’s instructions blindly. They should always ask questions. Not to be suspicious or anything but just to be informed. That way together you two can decide the best healthcare plan for you.

Here are some important questions you can ask your doctor.

What Happens If I Don’t Take This Medication?

This question can seem odd or unnecessary, but it really isn’t. More than 50 percent of prescriptions are taken incorrectly or not taken at all. You need to know what can happen if you don’t take a prescription or take it wrong.

Not taking your medication can lead to problems for many people. If you have high blood pressure and don’t take your medication, you are at a higher risk for a heart attack. If you stop taking an antibiotic because you think you’re healthy, you can risk getting sick again or worse.

Is This My Only Option?

Sometimes drugs aren’t the only answer to a problem. There are often many different ways to combat an issue before taking drugs.

Depression can be helped by exercise and diet, often along with medication. Diabetes type 2 can also be helped with by losing weight for many people. It’s important to know your options. In the long run, you may even be able to taper off a medication.

What Are The Benefits AND The Risks?

Talk to your doctor about what a prescription drug can do for you. Also, ask about any potential side effects or risks. If the side effects or risks are concerning to you, then be sure to ask why they think the benefits outweigh the risk.

Often the doctor’s opinion is best, but you should still be informed and ask all the proper questions. You might think the risks are too much and not want to use a prescription drug, and you would not know that without asking.

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