Understand The Real Risk Of Prescription Drug Abuse

When most people think of dangerous drugs, they think of heroin or cocaine. Those are the drugs that are found on the street and can cause addiction problems. They are not the only drugs to be aware of though.

Prescription drugs are also risky to take. There is actually a prescription drug abuse epidemic in the United States.

A study on teenagers and prescription drug abuse discovered some startling facts. Teens are actually more likely to abuse prescription drugs. Especially teens who take medications for anxiety. That is because they don’t always understand the risks.

Most people seem to think if a doctor prescribes drugs then they are safe. Teens especially believe this idea. The reason a doctor has to prescribe a medication though is that it isn’t safe and needs to be regulated.

What Is Prescription Drug Abuse

It can be hard for people to realize they may be abusing their prescription drugs. Teens often don’t realize they are because they think they are safe. If a teen has medication for ADHD, that is usually a stimulant which can help calm them down.

They may take their pills in ways that don’t fit in with the instructions on the bottles. If they forget to take a pill and then take two the next day to make up for it, that is abusing the drug. If they snort it to make it take effect faster, then that is abuse. Sharing it with friends is abuse too, even if they’re just trying to help.

Teens are also known to buy prescription drugs from their friends. Often it is their own medications or what they find forgotten in their parent’s medicine cabinets.

Pain killers to help them relax, anxiety meds to calm them down, or certain types of “study drugs” that can help them crack down on their school work.

Taking drugs like this may not seem dangerous at the time. But this can be dangerous and cause addiction quite easily. Just because a doctor will prescribe them does not mean they are safe.

This is why teens need to be properly educated about prescription drugs. They are prescribed because they are known to be dangerous. Teens may be more likely to take prescription drugs than illegal drugs because they don’t think they can hurt them.

If they were properly informed then this wouldn’t be an issue.