These Prescription Drugs May Kill You

These Prescription Drugs May Kill You

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Doctors don’t always know best. In many situations they do. They go to school and are dedicated to learning and understanding and want to take care of you. But sometimes they make mistakes as well.

Doctors can cause harm where they don’t mean to. Prescription drugs all have warnings and side effects. Sometimes these side effects can be more harmful to patients than intended. They might lead to addiction as well.

In fact, some prescription drugs are even more dangerous than heroin or cocaine. Just because a doctor advises, it doesn’t mean it is safe. It means that it is so risky a doctor needs to approve it first.

Many people that are prescribed medications die from them every year. People are often over-prescribed a medication that is needed or might use them inappropriately without even realizing it. Doctors are not always on the lookout for specific signs of abuse with the average patient.

They might take their prescribed drugs and then continue to drink alcohol, which can have side effects. They might use more than one pill at once when they are not supposed to. They might assume a drug is safe in any quantity just because a doctor gave it to them when it isn’t the case.

Here are some prescription drugs that have the potential to be fatal.

  1. Pain Killers

People who use pain killers on a daily basis is a number that has increased rapidly over the years. This is usually to manage pain or chronic conditions. The number of people who have pain that needs these medications has not changed though.

This means doctors are more readily prescribing these medications when maybe they are not necessary.

  1. Methadone

Methadone is, in fact, another prescription painkiller. At least it is technically. It is often prescribed to people with substance abuse problems. It can help wean them off of more dangerous and illegal drugs such as heroin, which often can cause adverse side effects if people try to stop using them.

It is still possible to suffer an overdose when using methadone even if it is meant to be a safe alternative. It is just as risky, and it is only meant to be appropriately managed.

  1. Benzodiazepines

These are considered tranquilizer drugs. They usually can help with anxiety or insomnia or even depression. Developing a physical dependence on this drug is highly likely though. This is the case even with people prescribed the drug.

These drugs can be important to some people to help them function but that doesn’t lessen the risks of them. They are very easy to become addicted to and can cause severe withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Stimulants For Attention Deficit Disorder

Many people suffer from attention deficit and take medications to help combat it. But these medications are often stimulants, which is the same class of drug like cocaine. So as you can see it would be easy to abuse those types of medications.

People often sell their own prescriptions for recreational use. They might also overuse their drug.

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