Did You Know About Prescription Drug Law?

Did You Know About Prescription Drug Law?

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People believe it is okay to share their family’s prescription drugs. That actually isn’t the case. Taking a medicine from a family member that isn’t prescribed to you is illegal. There are state and federal laws that say sharing or using other prescription drugs is illegal.

Sharing and using prescription drugs is more than illegal. It’s dangerous. This is because you don’t know how you may interact with the drugs or how to use them properly.

The Law On Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are considered controlled substances. That is why they must be prescribed by a doctor, to help control who gets to use them. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act are there to make sure prescription drugs are only accessed with a doctor’s okay.

Even a doctor can break this law though. If they overprescribe a drug this is illegal. If they prescribe a drug knows it will be sold or abused that is also illegal.

Possession With Intent To Distribute

It can be illegal for you to have your own prescription drug in certain cases. If you don’t have prescribed drugs in a bottle labeled to you that is illegal. Carrying drugs in a purse in a little pill case is common but is illegal in many states.

It will be assumed if you are caught doing that when you mean to distribute them. That can seem silly. You just want to have your meds on you without having a whole body. But it is also an easy way for dealers to hide their drugs. That way they don’t look suspicious.

But if they get caught, or you do, you can be charged with possession. It doesn’t matter your intent because the law is the law for a reason, and to protect everyone.

When Prescription Drugs Are Illegal

Being in possession of marijuana is illegal in many states. So is the possession of prescription drugs that aren’t yours. Your friends may act like it is fine or no big deal, but it is still breaking the law and can send you to jail.

This is why it is important for you to be informed yourself and not trust what everyone else says. Prescription drugs can have effects on you that you would never guess and can be dangerous to take.

Just because the drugs were lying around your house doesn’t mean it is legal for you to take them.

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