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Prescription Abbreviations: How to Understand Your Medical Shorthand

It’s a bit wild how it is considered a joke that doctors have terrible handwriting that you can’t decipher, but it truly is an actual reality. We are often handed prescriptions or notes that look like a completely separate language to us, and it actually kind of is. Doctors often use medical shorthand symbols when…
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These Prescription Drugs May Kill You

Doctors don’t always know best. In many situations they do. They go to school and are dedicated to learning and understanding and want to take care of you. But sometimes they make mistakes as well. Doctors can cause harm where they don’t mean to. Prescription drugs all have warnings and side effects. Sometimes these side…
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What You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Using Prescription Drugs

Knowing about your healthcare is very important. Many people might do as their doctor says and take medications without fully understanding them. Lots of medications have risks and side effects that you should know about. Too many people fail to ask the right questions. You need to be proactive in your own healthcare. This means…
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Did You Know About Prescription Drug Law?

People believe it is okay to share their family’s prescription drugs. That actually isn’t the case. Taking a medicine from a family member that isn’t prescribed to you is illegal. There are state and federal laws that say sharing or using other prescription drugs is illegal. Sharing and using prescription drugs is more than illegal.…
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